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Improve your customer service with real-time appointment and delivery updates.

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“PinPoint Status is the invisible Project Manager Assistant that helps us to keep in contact with the customer by confirming their appointments, sending reminders and providing technician arrival times in real-time, elevating the communication with customers, helping us achieve consistency and reduce staffing costs.”

Carmina, AMC Countertops
AMC Countertops

"As we say in the stone business – you guys ROCK!"

Tracey, Euro Stone Craft

"If PinPoint were no longer available I would stomp my feet and immediately try to find a replacement!"

Joanne, Excel Glass and Granite

“Automation is to your time what investing is to your money. In my opinion, the greatest advantage to PinPoint Status is the elimination of routine tasks that take a considerable amount of time for the office. Not only does it serve the role of communication but does so constantly and with multiple iterations. It is also becoming a great foundation for conveying much more information than would be possible through a phone call with custom messaging linking to landing pages pertinent to specific activities.”

Dillon, Weaver Stone
Weaver Stone Company PinPoint Status

Frequently Asked Questions


Pricing for the PinPoint Status app is a low flat monthly rate based on your number of in-home service providers. Contact us to get a pricing estimate.

No, PinPoint can be purchased month-to-month, with additional discounts available for annual commitments.

We can integrate with your customer and appointment data and train your team in as little as two weeks.

Our software service does not require anything to use it besides a web-enabled mobile device.