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If you are reading these words, then welcome to the PinPoint Status Blog.  

Why blog? Because we wanted a way to communicate and engage with our current and prospective clients, our fans and followers, and any interested readers within or around the home services industries who are interested in improving customer experience. Does your business or livelihood involve delivering, installing or repairing products within homes? Are you interested in improving customer communications, satisfaction and overall customer experience? Would you like to increase positive customer reviews and online ratings? Would you like to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve the performance of your in-home sales and service providers? If you answered yes to all, most, or maybe even some of these questions, then you have come to the right blog!

From our “PinPoint Status” perspective, at the core of all of these important issues is our application, our solution, which eliminates communication gaps between in-home service providers and the homeowners they serve through:

  • automated appointment reminders
  • two-way texting and GPS monitoring
  • capture of customer reviews and ratings

Eliminating these communication gaps leads to increased customer satisfaction, improved service provider performance, and more positive customer ratings and reviews. But beyond the specific features and benefits that our solution provides, you might be asking some other related questions. How do I ensure my customers are having the best experience?

How should my technicians address an unhappy customer? Am I giving my service provider, the face of my brand, the proper brand guidelines? Can my service provider do a better job of cross-selling and upselling services? How can I get more positive testimonials? What is the financial impact of positive and negative online ratings and reviews on my business? What are some good approaches to badly behaving customers? Should I be considering performance incentives for my field agents? These are just some of the questions you may be asking. And, in addition to company news, product information and updates, and other insights into PinPoint Status and our solution, we will be attempting to answer some of the above questions through this blog. So please sign up for our blog, stay tuned, and let’s work together to improve customer experience.


Jim Iott VP Marketing PinPoint Status

Jim Iott

VP Marketing, PinPoint Status