PinPoint Status Offers a Better Way to Navigate Client Interaction

Originally ran, December 2021 – Slippery Rock Gazette

Money buys a lot of things, but it can’t buy time, can it? Now, think back: When’s the last time you scheduled a professional service provider to your home, and they said something like, “We’ll be there somewhere between 10 am and 3 pm.” Most likely, you’ll remember this if you’re one of the unlucky homeowners who waited patiently for the bell to ring sooner than later, and they showed-up later, late, or worse, not at all. An unpleasant, yet memorable experience for sure, and a good reason to never call that service or company, again.         

Understanding this all too well, Nick Began, the former owner of StoneWorks LTD. Inc., and now CEO of PinPoint Status, decided to put his efforts into finding a better way to schedule, and developed a software specifically for companies that deliver or install.