PinPoint App Tracks At-Home Service Appointments

Originally ran 3/12/20 – The News-Herald

Nick Began has been there.

“Waiting on service professionals to show up at your house within four- or five-hour windows of time, basically handcuffing you, isn’t very fun and can hinder productivity in your day if you’re forced to stay home,” the Chardon native now Pepper Pike resident said.

“Even working remotely, or at home, you have to stop to communicate with the technician regarding progress and monitoring. I’ve felt that impact, we all have. It’s frustrating.”

Now, Began, 51, a business owner who sold his Bedford Heights-based granite countertops company, Stoneworks, in 2016, seeks to eliminate the disruptions he describes with the advent of his “affordable” technology application dubbed “PinPoint,” which aims to take the guesswork out of service delivery.